Day four of “getting it right”

Four days in and how is it going? Well, I have found that I am very good at procrastination! I needed to get some work done for school and felt the sudden desire to get the oven top clean! So I think the first thing l need to do in order to get it right is to stop putting off things that need doing. The question I have to ask myself, therefore, is how to prioritise? When I was a young thing fresh out of university I spent some time working in PR and marketing and sat through endless management training days that seemed to have the answer to juggling a hectic schedule. Mad as they were, did they have a kernel of truth?

I have always been a list maker but my lists always run to pages and are completely unmanageable. So, how about I make shorter lists – one for each day with a few tasks on it. That way I can feel in control which is very important for me. I can still have one big list of things to do but take a smaller day to day list. I also need to stop obsessively cleaning when there are other things to do. I wouldn’t mind, my house doesn’t look like it has been obsessively cleaned! I could cope more if it had – at least I would have something to show for it! I am going to tidy my kitchen up at the end of the day and not several times during the day. I am also going to put things away as I go instead of walking past it a million times thinking “ooh, I must put that away.”

Having just done my latest emergency run to the supermarket as we had no milk in the fridge that was actually liquid rather than dubious looking lumps I think I also need to plan my meals for the week. If I link this to my weekly shop then I may just ebb able to bring my ever more hideous food bills under control! I’ll see how it goes!

Hapless mum


The year of “getting it right”

I am quite determined that 2014 is going to be the year that I finally “get it right”. I read in the papers of these fabulous super women who effortlessly combine a career with children, husband and a fantastic social life – and after all that they manage to set up a business on the side just to earn a few extra pennies. Me, I’ve got the career and the kids and the husband but I would hardly call it effortless nor even very successful. Nearer to slummy mummy than yummy mummy – always behind hand and late. Disorganisation has become an art form! I don’t mean too, it just happened! I am the mother who sent her children to school on a training day, forgot her own anniversary and invariably turns up to the village fete with a shop bought cake (oh the horror). In fact I have even gone to the local farm shop, bought one of their homemade cakes and then repackaged it as my own – a particular low point I think!

So, what am I trying to do this year? This year I am aiming for some organisation – to stop throwing away food as I am so disorganised it has gone rotten (and my food bills are astronomical), to plan the kids week so everyone has the right stuff at the right time, to make the most of my time so that I don’t spend the evening slumped in front of a repeat of Agatha Christie and then feel awful as I haven’t done the work I should and so on. In other words I want to try and get it right. This blog is my way of charting my progress (and to keep me going!). Wish me luck one and all!